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IsoAcoustics Gaia test - Hifi Pig

07. November 2018

IsoAcoustics Gaia test - Hifi Pig IsoAcoustics Gaia test - Hifi Pig


If I had to describe the IsoAcoustics GAIA III in one sentence it would be that they allow the speakers to sound more tactile, resolute, spacious and natural, adding tone and timbre and increasing timing performance.

The aesthetically pleasing design, full fixture kit for any speaker (including B&W 800 and Nautilus adapters – optional) and the fact that they stabilise the speakers to the floor so much better than anything else I’ve tried, gives complete peace of mind, especially for the domestic family room, where other anomalies cannot be treated and the speakers are also protected from little fellas who bump into them with their fire engines, they simply flex rather than fall on the micro Firefighters.

I will be buying these two sets for my Ayons and consider these one of the better tweaks I’ve made to the system, I can see the IsoAcoustics GAIA isolation feet doing incredibly well over this side of the pond and I’d like to give credit to SCV Distribution for focusing so intently on their implementation in the demo room at the Bristol Show this year, as they are one of the cheaper products they support and usually it’s the most expensive pieces that are given the limelight at such events.

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