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Marantz SR6012 -

09. Februar 2018

Marantz SR6012 - Marantz SR6012 -


"The above list reflects the objective comparisons, price-wise, that come to my mind. Subjectively, though, I'd put the Marantz SR6012 receiver in a performance class with the likes of Anthem's third-generation receiver lineup. Maybe somewhere between the $2,499 MRX 720 and the $3,499 MRX 1120, or at least close enough to that imaginary target that the comparison isn't ridiculous.

And that's really due in large part to the new Audyssey MultEQ Editor app, which allows you to make the sort of tweaks to Audyssey that were formerly only available to professionals. The ability to set a maximum filter frequency is--as much as I hate this phrase--a game-changer, since it allows you to use room correction to fix low-frequency problems without changing the overall timbre of your speaker system.

Of course, the best room correction system in the world wouldn't be able to make up for bad processing, preamplification, and amplification, so it's a major plus that the Marantz really shines in all three departments. I've absolutely fallen in love with its performance with movies; my feelings toward its two-channel music performance would be more aptly described as lust."

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